About us

Smokestack Studios® offers handmade home decor & gifts from our centrally located workshop in the heartland of America.

Husband and wife team Tim & Amanda are the soul owners, designers, manufacturers, buyers, marketers, and customer service representatives for Smokestack Studios. They work hand in hand every day to create an outstanding assortment of home decor to share with their customers around the world. Look for the ‘Smokestack SELECT’ logo on qualifying items. These premium products are handmade by Tim & Amanda and may include rough sawn lumber, hand fabricated steel, or artisanally distressed wood. No product will be identical to another, it’s the small flaws and imperfections in the wood and metal that make a Smokestack Studios decoration one of a kind.

Obtaining parts from American owned businesses is a priority of Smokestack Studios whenever possible. This includes wood felled from sustainable forests, beeswax rendered from locally owned hives, and steel milled in the United States. Tim & Amanda are able to acquire an assortment of heirloom lumber and natural edge slabs as an option for regional St. Louis customers which compliments every piece by exhibiting a unique blend of unrefined beauty. Smokestack Studios strives to manifest an old world quality in all of our products while also imbuing them with a modern charm. Please view our entire catalog from the Shop menu above, and thank you for choosing Smokestack Studios!

- More about Made in USA -

We hand assemble or manufacture our Smokestack SELECT products right here in St. Louis, MO on United States soil and we're proud of it. We love American made products, they're absolutely the best. Sometimes it isn't feasible, but as we say, we try our best to use American manufactured parts and materials at all times. If you'd like to make sure your purchase is 100% Made in USA, just contact us prior to checkout. We'll verify everything is from the USA all the way down to the staples.