Frequently Asked Questions


What size shelf brackets should I order?
Order the same size as your shelf. For example, if your shelf depth measures 9 inches from front to back, order 9 inch brackets. Measure twice, don't let hardware store fool you! Their wood isn't actually the size it says, it's the "nominal size" in the world of construction. Here's a quick cheat sheet for bracket sizes if you're using nominal wood from the hardware store:

2x4 = 3.5" brackets
2x6 = 5.5" brackets
2x8 = 7.25" brackets
2x10 = 9.25" brackets
2x12 = 11.25" brackets

How much weight can your shelf brackets hold?
We have not had our shelf brackets independently tested for a Safe Working Load. We have personally performed some tests and can verify our steel shelf brackets can hold at least 100lbs per pair when mounted into wood studs, however our solid brass shelf brackets are not as strong as steel. Our brass shelf brackets should be used for decorative purposes only and are not designed to hold heavy loads.

Can I mount my shelf brackets in the drywall if there's no stud?
We never recommend it. Sheet rock is not designed to hold heavy loads. Always find studs in the wall for a secure hold, otherwise the screws may pull through the wall and cause an injury.

Can you make me a custom sized product?
Absolutely, we do it all the time! The easiest way to inquire about a custom product is to go through our Etsy shop: Link. Simply send us an Etsy message with your query and we'll get you a quote for your custom order as soon as we can.

What is T&A Design?
T&A Design is our high-end product design service dedicated to one of a kind/small batch unique items. If you're an interior designer or client interested in having a specialty item custom made by Tim & Amanda, we'll listen to your idea and give you a quote if we can build it. Get in touch with us!


How long will it take to receive my order?
All of Smokestack Studios's qualifying 'Select' products are actually handmade by Tim and Amanda after the time of purchase; they even package the orders themselves, too! That being said, they usually take up to 2 weeks to reach completion after an order is placed. Certain holidays may prolong production times due to increased demand. order hasn't shipped yet, what do I do?
Rest assured, Tim and Amanda are working as quickly as possible around the clock to complete all of their orders on a "first-come, first-served" basis. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding that all of our products are genuinely made by hand. You will receive a shipping notification with tracking information via e-mail once your products have reached the packaging stage. You can use your tracking number to view additional details at that time. Please keep in mind certain holidays may prolong production and shipment times due to increased demand.

How will my products ship?
All of our orders ship with either USPS or FedEx depending on the weight, size, and quantity of the products being shipped. We do not require a signature upon delivery.

How can I track my order?
The easiest way to track an order is to simply enter your tracking number into Google and hit search. Google will do the rest for you.


Can I return my order?
Nope! All sales are final, no returns or exchanges. We don't keep a stock of existing inventory, our items are individually handmade by Tim and Amanda after an order is placed which is one of the reasons we can offer such a wide variety of customization on all of our products, so please purchase with confidence! Due to this bespoke quality and the expended labor and materials, all sales are final. More details can be found in Section 19 of our terms and conditions

...but my order arrived damaged!
Please quickly send an e-mail to within 3 days of delivery and Tim or Amanda will get back to you as soon as possible.


How can I contact Smokestack Studios?
You can e-mail us at and Tim or Amanda will get back to you as soon as possible.