Brass Shelf Bracket

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This product listing includes the following:

  • One hand fabricated brass open shelf bracket*
  • Selected style: J-Bracket or L-Bracket
  • Two brass wood screws to be used for mounting into wall studs

Dimensions: .25"H x 1.5"W x ?"L (~1" or ~3/4" lip)
Safe Working Load: Decorative purposes only
90° mounting angle ±1° deviation

Made slightly larger than selected size to accommodate the included screws (e.g. 8" bracket = slightly larger than 8" from wall to inside lip to fit an 8" shelf comfortably), please measure twice before purchasing

*Solid brass is unfinished and will tarnish, original sheen can be restored by polishing
*To be used for decorative purposes ONLY, brass will not support heavy loads