"Clayton" - American Black Walnut Cutting Board

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Hand carved by Smokestack Studios® in the USA. The warm caramel colors of solid American Black Walnut make this face grain cutting/serving board beautiful enough to be functional as a chopping board, bread board, or simply a decoration to beautify the kitchen. We offer a brass handle as an optional add on if you'd like to give your new board a sleek modern look with a golden glow. Each cutting board will have different amounts of heartwood, sapwood, grain patterns, and color due to the natural characteristics of real wood.

This product listing includes the following:

  • One "Clayton" American Black Walnut Cutting Board - solid face grain
  • Optional brass handle upon checkout
  • Conditioned with food safe organic mineral oil

Approximate Dimensions: 10"L x 6"W x 1.5"H
Hand wash only & oil often